Parking problems in Winchcombe Road
Parking problems in Winchcombe Road

The results of our survey of Winchcombe Road and Hornbeam Terrace residents:

  • Two thirds (67%) of you who replied wanted permits introduced in your road , nearly one third (30%) were against
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of you who replied said you, your neighbours or visitors find it difficult to find a parking space
  • More than half of you who replied would apply for a permit, others were not sure or said no
  • Parking problems have got much worse since permits were introduced in the neighbouring roads

What you told us:

In favour of permits

We would love for Winchcombe Road to be permit only

I am stressed every day trying to park on the road I live on. I have sent numerous emails and called Sutton council just to be ignored

I don’t have a car myself but my visitors are finding it very hard to get parking

I work full time. I come home and everyday it’s a nightmare to park outside or near my own home. Sometimes I don’t get home until it’s dark and I’m literally afraid to walk home. Please give us the opportunity to purchase permits.

Permits would solve a lot of parking problems for myself and residents as we have many others who park here that are non-resident or companies that avoid permit fees.

We would love for Winchcombe road to be permit only as all surrounding roads are, and they then park in our road. I go to work at 7am and have drivers waiting for me to move – by the time I get home there is nowhere at all for me to park and I end up parking 15 mins away, these cars don’t move till 6pm

I’m fed up with the school parents using our spaces – sometimes I have to walk 10 – 15 mins after parking my car to get home as there is nowhere to park

Yes to permits – I find difficulty parking even though I have a disabled parking bay, others park in it then won’t move. I would apply for a parking permit if introduced.

Problems with parking

I have off street parking but my neighbours who don’t have off street parking have a lot of difficulty finding spaces

I can’t even have visitors during the week as they have nowhere to park

Why can’t we have residents only at school times? There was a trial which worked lovely, fresher air, less noise, lower pollution. I suffer with breathing problems so was nice while it lasted but would like it back again.

We need Cameras to help stop people who don’t live down here using the road as rat race, speeding and illegal parking on the pavement. Did they pass a driving test???

I was refused a dropped kerb as the criteria for size has changed. Everyone around me already has a dropped kerb and our pavements are very wide, which I believe should be taken into account when applying. There are very few spaces near the school and they are always taken when I get home from work. These people do not live in my bit. They appeared because of the permits elsewhere.

The parking on Winchcombe Rd has become intolerable especially with the parents staff and pupils of the school. There is never anywhere to park, people are even beginning to double park blocking residents in. No one pays attention to the double yellow or zig-zag lines and the school do nothing to police it.

it’s absolutely disgusting what residents have to put up with on our own road

I’m feed up with the school parents using are spaces – sometimes I have to walk ten 15 mins after parking my car to get home as there is nowhere to park

St Helier staff come early in the morning and park all day – they should pay for their parking at the hospital, people from the school and residents from other roads who don’t want to pay for permits all park in Winchcombe, taking spaces from residents.

This is mainly to do with people working at St Helier Hospital having to pay to park in the car park. Its very expensive so many people decide to park down side roads, which is near impossible now due to permits on nearly every road by the hospital. People who work in St Helier Hospital shouldn’t have to pay to park in the car park.

Other views

I would like to either do away with the whole parking permit area or have permits in Winchcombe Rd

I would prefer it if there were no parking permits at all for residential areas, why were they introduced in the first place… another charge for an already increasing cost of living age. It will get to a point where we will be grateful to have permits and be over charged or have to pay £3000+ for a dropped kerb and have front gardens turned into concrete jungles. No win win here in my opinion.

The main problem is badly and illegally parked cars especially SUVs, vans and lorries, even in my small car I have problems accessing the street and my drive. At the Tweedale Road end buses have difficulty turning the corner and a fire engine wouldn’t be able to get access to my house because of all the parked cars and vans.

I would like to see parking restricted to marked spaces on one side of the road only, and better enforcement / towing away of vehicles which are blocking access

What Labour can do for you

The Council’s parking consultation didn’t put enough effort into listening to residents and taking notice of their preferences. Now the rest of the area has permits, the position for Winchcombe Road has changed.

We will demand that the Council repeats the consultation to see whether permits should be introduced in Winchcombe Road and Hornbeam Terrace, and what the parking restrictions should be in different sections of the road. We will ask for more parking enforcement of illegally parked cars which are blocking access.

If you elect three Labour councillors on May 5th, you will see us out and about in St Helier listening to your views and working to fix your problems.

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